Why should you care about the PTA?

Congratulations on making it through the first day of school! Whether you were celebrating on the sidewalk or wiping away the tears (or a little of both) this morning, we hope that you and your kids had a marvelous day.

While you catch your breath from day 1 and gear up for the next 179, I want to take a moment to encourage you to do two things this week:

1. Join the PTA.

2. Donate to the No Fuss Fundraiser.

Here’s why you should join the PTA

Your membership shows your commitment to supporting teachers, staff and students at Joyner throughout the year — the greater our membership numbers, the stronger our voice at the school, district and state levels. Membership in the Joyner PTA connects you with advocates in the Wake County, North Carolina and National PTA organizations, all of whom are working to make sure school is a great place to teach and learn.

If your vision of PTA is just bake sales and end-of-year classroom parties, then you’re really missing out. At Joyner, we are privileged to have a strong, energetic PTA filled with volunteers who are committed to making Joyner a place where every student and teacher can succeed. We have a range of volunteer opportunities available throughout the year, from one-off community event set-up to year-long advocacy programs, so there’s something for everyone. And we PROMISE that joining the PTA doesn’t accidentally put you in charge of anything you don’t want to lead — there’s no up-front volunteer commitment or requirement.

Joining the PTA costs just $5 — but we hope you’ll add your No Fuss Fundraiser donation above that amount to support PTA programming at Joyner. Both your dues and your donation are 100% tax deductible. Just make one donation for any amount from $5 to $500 (or beyond!) to cover both your PTA membership and your fundraising gift. Stop by the PTA table in the lobby before school to make your donation (or tell us you gave online) and we’ll give you a cool JYJ car magnet!


Here’s why you should donate to the No Fuss Fundraiser

Approximately half of the PTA’s budget comes from money donated during the fall No Fuss Fundraiser, going on now. With the exciting news that our school’s Foundation has made it possible to fund 1.5 teaching positions this year, we realize it might be less obvious what your PTA donations do for students and teachers at Joyner. The PTA and the Foundation are great partners, but they’re two separate organizations with two separate budgets — that’s why you’ll hear from both of us when it comes to fundraising.

Here’s a quick list of just some of what the PTA makes possible:

  • Enhanced classroom technology across the school
  • Cultural arts and science experiences during the school day for every grade level
  • Mini-grants for teachers to bring new ideas into their classrooms
  • Academic enrichment opportunities, like Odyssey of the Mind and Science Olympiad
  • Schoolwide events that build community, including the fall Joyner Jamboree and spring Night of Nonsense
  • Athletic programs such as First in Fitness, PE supplies, the Joyner 5K and running club
  • Design and production of the JYJ yearbook
  • Student awards and recognitions, including publication of student writing
  • Sets of books for teachers to use in class with students
  • Improvements to school grounds, including the turf field, stage and outdoor sound system
  • Appreciation events for teachers and staff
  • Student events and celebrations, including the Summer Reading Challenge, kindergarten popsicles, Field Day and fifth grade graduation
  • Advocacy efforts at the county and state levels to support policies that benefit students in our public schools

Amazingly, we’re able to do ALL of this without asking you or your children to sell wrapping paper, magazines, coupon books, cookie dough or summer sausages. All you have to do is donate to the No Fuss Fundraiser online or by sending in cash/check with a form (click here for English or click here for Spanish) to your child’s teacher.


Now take a deep breath and enjoy the year ahead — and feel free to reach out to any PTA board member or committee chair if there’s something we can do to help!

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