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IB Learner Profile Trait of the Month: Caring

We show empathy, compassion and respect towards the needs and feelings of others.  We have personal commitment to service, and act to make a positive difference to the lives of others and to the environment.  

In this Week’s NewsFlash:

  • Joyner Plan B Reopening Plan (1st semester)
  • Schedule Adjustments – Virtual Academy
  • WCPSS Return to Campus Checklist
  • Assistance during Holiday Season
  • Magnet Application & Seeking Your JYJ Testimonials
  • Calendar Reminders

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Joyner’s Plan B Reopening Plan – 1st Semester

We are so glad to have Cohort 1 students back this week for the first session of in-person learning. We look forward to seeing Cohort 2 students next Monday! 

If you have not reviewed our reopening plan, please familiarize yourself with our procedures for this coming week. Joyner’s Plan B Reopening Plan – 1st Semester

*Note that no child can be checked out after 2:30 per our usual school policy.     

In the next three weeks your child will be working with a variety of staff on campus.  This means your child will work with their teacher and other staff members at Joyner throughout their assigned week.  Students will be joining virtual meets for some of our instruction and others may be in person at times.  This allows us to acclimate all of our students to Joyner and for our staff to teach during the next three rotational cohort weeks. Check your email in case your child’s teacher has emailed you with any updates.  

Remember to label all of your child’s things, charge their Chromebooks and communicate with your child’s teacher how they are going home. 

Thank you to those of you that filled out our school survey.  If you have not it is not too late to do so.  Joyner Student Information- 1st Semester 2020  

Schedule Adjustments for Virtual Academy

Attached is our new Master Schedule that began on Monday, Oct 26th. This schedule was created to allow our staff to teach Virtual Academy students and Plan B students at the same time. Master Schedule for Virtual Academy

WCPSS Return to Campus Checklist

Here’s what you need to do to prepare for your child’s return to campus:

  1. Read the Return to Campus Guide to families. 
  2. Use social stories for younger students or special education students to prepare for the changes in routine. 
  3. Learn about expectations for face coverings. Face coverings of your choice are required for all adults and K-12 students at all times on school property or on school transportation. Face coverings remain strongly recommended for pre-K students if appropriate for that child.
  4. Learn about changes to meal service. Consider taking advantage of the free breakfast and lunch service for all students this school year. 
  5. Learn about technology changes. Students with a WCPSS device should plan to bring them to school. Those bringing a personal device will need a signed BYOD Consent Form.
  6. Learn about the required health screening. All students should have their temperature taken every day at home before coming to school.
  7. Learn about how we’re keeping school buildings clean and safe. (And some good news – the playgrounds will be open!)
  8. Read Student Accountability and Required Health Protocols and sign the acknowledgement page
  9. Be familiar with what happens when there is a COVID-19 case on campus
  10. Learn about the changes to live instruction times for students learning remotely in a rotation.
  11. Riding the bus? Complete the required attestation form and learn the new procedures to protect everyone’s health and safety. You can also sign up for our Here Comes the Bus app to track the location of your child’s bus every day.

Want to change your registration for second semester? Elementary school application is open Dec 2-9.

Our holiday season is approaching, and we will have assistance available:   

  • If you are in need of Thanksgiving meal assistance, please complete our online form in English or Spanish by Monday 11/02  
  • If you are in need of Christmas/holiday assistance, please complete our online form in English or Spanish by Monday 11/02  

If would like to donate items for holiday assistance (thank you!), directions will be provided to parents on Wednesday 11/18 in the Joyner weekly eblast on how to (virtually) select a tag and return items to school.  If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Burston (contact info in email).

Magnet Season & Seeking Videos and MessagesMagnet season is approaching and JYJ must approach our recruiting of new students in new and different ways. We’d like to seek your help in this process! JYJ families know how unique our magnet program is and your voice of experience would be invaluable for prospective families. Would you consider sharing a video or written message from your family that expresses your joy in our magnet program, IB and Spanish and what it has meant for your family? These messages will be used for prospective families to view. Please send videos or written messages to Mrs. Sheryl Davis-Jackson (contact info in email).  Magnet Application Acceptance Period:The magnet and year-round application period will begin Oct. 15, 2020 and end Jan. 28, 2021. Applications are NOT first-come, first-served. Families will be notified mid-February 2021 if they received a seat at an application school. Visit the WCPSS website for more details. If your child is not currently enrolled in WCPSS, you must register your child at your base school before submitting the magnet application.  For our 5th grade magnet families, you have priority in applying to these 2 IB middle schools:East Garner Magnet Middle SchoolWest Millbrook Magnet Middle School

Calendar Reminders:


  • 11/3 – Teacher Workday
  • 11/10 – General PTA meeting (google meet)
  • 11/11 – Holiday
  • 11/16 – All Pre K-3 students and regional program in Plan B will report on a daily basis
  • 11/16 – Grades 4-5 will begin their cohort rotations and continue in rotation throughout the end of the semester.  
  • 11/18 – Remote Learning Day 
  • 11/23 – Remote Learning Day
  • 11/24 – Remote Learning Day 
  • 11/25 – 11/27 – Fall Break


  • 12/2 – Remote Learning Day
  • 12/4-12/13 – JYJ Book Fair; Online and in-store options at Quail Ridge Books this year (More details to follow.)
  • 12/16 – Remote Learning Day

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